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Internal Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems use passive infra red (pir) detectors which detect heat movement. Where necessary we are also able to offer a range of pet friendly pir’s

Mobile App Control for Your Alarm System

You can now ARM and DISSARM your alarm system from your smart phone or ipad/tablet.

The application will send you notifications when the alarm triggers, power cuts, communications failure and also send panic alarm signals to other phones or the 24 hour monitoring station with police response.

Our alarm systems can transmit single or dual path using GPRS mobile sim card and/or IP (internet protocol) through you existing internet router. We can also supply a 4G router if you do not have internet at the premises.

Our Optional 24 hour monitored alarms with police response is priced at €26.00 per month plus IVA

External Alarm Systems

Dual wireless motion detectors that are all pet friendly are strategically placed around the perimeter of your premises to stop intruders before they can get close to your building.

The alarm is operated with a keypad and/or a remote control fob for when you leave the premises.

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